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Which fabric suits me best, 100% polyester or P.V.C. and how do you wash?

Both are intended for the use of children. The 100% polyester finish, Oekotex, can be washed in a washing machine and will not lose colour, will not shrink, nor alter its resistance properties, is not waterproof and lasts for many years in continuous use.
The P.V.C. It is flame retardant, waterproof, it is not advisable to wash it in a washing machine and the cleaning will be with a soft sponge and neutral soap that does not contain alcohols (for example, the “Lizard” soap is going very well, but we insist that you make sure that the soap does not contain alcohol and be neutral). Its original exterior aesthetic will be lost with the use, its replacement being recommended in about six years since its acquisition. You can check colours and features on page 52 of the catalogue pdf educational 0-6 click here.

What is PVC fabric?

It is a polyester fabric with PVC coating, the enforceable standards EN-71 regarding non-toxicity of the product and UNE 23-727 M2 rating of fire retardant material being applicable. Without FTALATES in its composition. Solid colours and resistant to continuous cleaning.

Can we choose other modules that do not appear in the catalogue?

If you send us measurements, photos or concrete design, we manufacture them at your choice. You can also request replacement covers for other modules already in use, even if they are not TAMDEM.

My son is very active and sometimes even aggressive, what Tamdem products do you recommend?

In most cases the aggressiveness of children is due to many factors: lack of self-confidence, instability and little agility in the movements, fear of jumping like other kids …

Tamdem has many products to help solve these problems, such as:
– Stairs with Ramp because it transmits confidence in their movements.
– Therapy rollers because it facilitates them to discharge energy and transmits self-esteem in their motor control.
– Palitroques to discharge energy (they are soft and do not carry ropes, so calm down for that).

What colours can be ordered in both Outlet and catalogue?

In the Outlet, the products are made of 100% Oekotex polyester fabric and the colours cannot be chosen even if you specify it in your order in case we have stocks to send it to you.

What happens if the case is broken by accident or use, do I have to buy the whole product again?

No, all Tamdem brand products have replacement covers that can be purchased separately.

If I have doubts when deciding on a product, does Tamdem advise me on the purchase?

Yes, of course, count on our 30-year experience manufacturing psychomotor skills.

Do you make quantity discounts?

Tamdem never makes discounts, except for special promotions. Even so, in this type of purchase, you will always benefit in some way.

If the measures I need are different from those of the products in the catalogue, can I order Tamdem products with special measures?

Yes, we manufacture custom.

I want to set up a play area in my place (restaurant, hotel, community, spa …) What materials does Tamdem recommend to buy? Do you advise when enabling a room?

Preparing a playground for children, for example in a restaurant, is perfect from all points of view.

First of all, the children will feel at home, playing with other kids and also with the same modules they have in their education centre.

And, secondly, parents will be calmer if their children have fun in a safe area.

he materials we recommend are:

For a psychomotor area of up to 20m2: ball pool with ramp and large staircase, cubes, sticks, curlers, parallelepipeds …

For areas with more surface area -> consult.

I am a psychomotrist, I am setting up a business and I need to buy psychomotor skills for my child development centre. Do you advise on the purchase of the material?

Yes, we like to change impressions to make the centre more practical in its operation, and in these child development centers, we have a lot of experience.

What are the most recommended psychomotor products for the home?

We like to answer this question personally to assess the available square meters, as well as other aspects to consider.

The psychomotorist who works with my son has told me that it is advisable to continue with the psychomotor exercises at home. Can I buy Tamdem brand products if I am a private user?

Yes, of course, any user can buy the same products that psychomotor therapists work with.

If I buy a Kombi, can the modules be separated and combined in another way even with different ones?

Yes, the binding capacity is given by the velcro connection.

Want to ask us a question?

Send it to our email jorge@tamdem.net



  • The prices that appear on the website on the day of the order request will be applied.
  • The order will be sent after a budget confirmed by the customer in both total sale price and delivery time.
  • The outer cover can be: in PVC A / R fabric (high resistance with a 10% surcharge) or in 100% Polyester fabric with Oekotex certificate (included in the outlet prices).
  • VAT and shipping not included in all prices.
  • The materials offered are of the same quality and finishes as the items shown in the four general catalogues of the TAMDEM brand
  • The customer can only choose the colour of the modules by sending an email to the account tamgelonline@yahoo.es
  • In case that the customer has chosen colours that TAMDEM does not have in stock, the TAMDEM staff will choose those available at that time we manufacture it on our workshop.
  • ONLINE orders only through email: jorge@tamdem.net or by calling or sending a WhatsApp +34 607 793 111



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