Brachiation ladders, vestibular swings, wall bars and padding protection

Next, we show the different sections of our multidisciplinary catalog.

1.- Brachiation ladder

We manufacture different models of brachial ladders following the guidelines of Dr. Glenn Doman’s model of physical excellence in Philadelphia.

2.- Climbing walls- Rokets

We manufacture different sizes and models (vertical and with inclination).

3.- Wall bars

We offer child and adult wall bars

4.- Vestibular/therapeutic swings

The models we manufacture in our Basque Country workshop are widely used in Sensory Integration rooms to work the sense of balance, body scheme and spatial orientation.

5.- Mats

We manufacture mats adapted to the dimensions of the previous articles. They are the perfect complement to maintain a high level of safety and aesthetics in the room.

5.- Security protectors

We manufacture padded protections of walls, columns and radiators to maintain the level of security in sports halls and facilities.


  • The prices that appear on the website on the day of the order request will be applied.
  • The order will be sent after a budget confirmed by the customer in both total sale price and delivery time.
  • The outer cover can be: in PVC A / R fabric (high resistance with a 10% surcharge) or in 100% Polyester fabric with Oekotex certificate (included in the outlet prices).
  • VAT and shipping not included in all prices.
  • The materials offered are of the same quality and finishes as the items shown in the four general catalogues of the TAMDEM brand
  • The customer can only choose the colour of the modules by sending an email to the account
  • In case that the customer has chosen colours that TAMDEM does not have in stock, the TAMDEM staff will choose those available at that time we manufacture it on our workshop.
  • ONLINE orders only through email: or by calling or sending a WhatsApp +34 607 793 111




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