Product Warranties

All products marketed by Tamgelonline S.L. They are guaranteed against any type of manufacturing defect during the 2 years following the invoice date.

To determine if there is a manufacturing defect, the customer must send Tamgelonline S.L. photographs of the product and professionals of Tamgelonline S.L. will confirm whether or not there is such a defect by arguing in any case. On some occasions, the client will also have to send the complete article or part of it (cover, zip …) so that the staff of Tamgelonline S.L. determine whether or not there is such a defect. The costs of this shipment will be borne by the customer.

Please do not make modifications to the product such as e.g. change of zipper, sewn, etc; since, in that case, the client will totally lose the right to use the guarantee.

This warranty does not cover the wear of the material due to its extreme use or improper use of the product.


– To the defect of maintenance and / or to the use of products or inadequate instruments: you should not use chemical products or solvents, or scraper or other instruments with which you run the risk of damaging the surface.

– To the dirt of animals.

– To the damages and errors of maneuver of the client, projections of diverse products, placement of objects on top of the modules, fall of objects, crashes, accidents on transitory roads, vandalism, cigarette or other burns, fire, cuts with sharp materials (including those that users can wear in their locker room).

Types of covers and maintenance of psychomotor modules.

The types of covers that Tamgelonline S.L. used in its psychomotor modules are:

(1) Polyester, which can be washed with an automatic washing machine using a neutral soap or other detergent that does not contain alcohols.

(2) PVC, which is washed without removing with a sponge and neutral soap or other detergent that does not contain alcohols.

(3) High strength PVC, which is washed without removing with a sponge and neutral soap or other detergent that does not contain alcohols.

Cover replacement service

Tamgelonline S.L. makes available to all its customers a replacement service that consists of replacing the worn or damaged covers by users, on a budget, to cover the need that their customers have to offer an uninterrupted service to their users.



  • The prices that appear on the website on the day of the order request will be applied.
  • The order will be sent after a budget confirmed by the customer in both total sale price and delivery time.
  • The outer cover can be: in PVC A / R fabric (high resistance with a 10% surcharge) or in 100% Polyester fabric with Oekotex certificate (included in the outlet prices).
  • VAT and shipping not included in all prices.
  • The materials offered are of the same quality and finishes as the items shown in the four general catalogues of the TAMDEM brand
  • The customer can only choose the colour of the modules by sending an email to the account
  • In case that the customer has chosen colours that TAMDEM does not have in stock, the TAMDEM staff will choose those available at that time we manufacture it on our workshop.
  • ONLINE orders only through email: or by calling or sending a WhatsApp +34 607 793 111





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