Benefits of natural psychomotricity

For the child at home, natural psychomotricity helps him to combine his activity in the infant school with his personal space activating his motor and sensory structure in a natural way and according to his physical form. It can be practised in a room of the home, in a space designed for them, in common areas of the house …

Below, we detail some elements that promote this activity in the child and that will facilitate his motor development in the next stage of his life.

SEA OF WAVES – click the image to enlarge

This piece provides a new stimulation of sensations to the baby that begins to crawl, helping him to control unexpected movements and that provide great sensory-motor pleasure. There are two versions, of three and four crests, indicated the first of them for ages over two years, where they will get started in the sliding exercise and will increase in them the imagination in their symbolic games (the piece will become for them a bus, a river that jumps, an obstacle course …). One of four crests will help the baby to develop his motor balance in a balanced way in the whole body, preventing him, therefore, delay in his general activity.

HOURSES – click the image to enlarge

Attractive and friendly companions for all ages. Due to its great interior consistency, it admits children up to eight years old, who will enjoy their leisure time immensely, stimulating individual and collective play. For younger ages, even babies, it will be an inseparable playmate, while at the same time diverting them will lead them towards the control of their sensorimotor balance.

KL 211 – click the image to enlarge

The child up to five years needs in that stage of life to exercise new and adventurous movements that are instinctively claimed by him. Climbing, lowering, crawling, sliding, tripping, having fun learning is what this team consists of regular pieces in size, combinable among them to change the circuits when the user controls them effectively, with hidden velcro in the base that prevents the separation between pieces , they will increase the level of confidence and security in their decisions of basic movements. Ideal for private homes and nursery schools with children from 0 to 3 years. One more of the “combinable” that TAMDEM designed and popularized fifteen years ago, giving a more minimalist approach to foam articles for psychomotor stimulation.


Benefits of directed psychomotricity

The professionals of child psychomotricity skills know what each user needs to stimulate, probably each and every one of them requires something different. Putting in their hands versatile products for all that allows them to apply concrete motor developments, is our experience of 30 years having achieved it by manufacturing what they asked for and approved. They are materials that are usually used in rooms equipped for that purpose with a minimum of square meters and a studied proportion of elements for psychomotor use. Tamdem idea and promotes the creation of these rooms with suitable material manufactured by us.

Next, we detail some elements that promote the directed psychomotricity: GYMNASTICS GROUP – click the image to enlarge

The complete team that reflects the photo is the one used in public schools throughout Spain for many years. The ease of change in the heights, disassembling parts of it, the possibility of knowing by the educator the motor deficiencies in ages of 3 to 10 years, and the absence of risk in accidental blows, make this typical “plinton” valuable gym equipment to include it in multipurpose rooms.

THERAPY ROLLER – click the images to enlarge

The therapy roller was the most innovative element that Tamdem created 28 years ago. It was designed and manufactured to make the child aware of spinning sensations, favouring the disinhibition, allowing him to discover the inside-out concept, and giving him ideas of games and exercises unknown to him up to now. The educator allows him to have an exact knowledge of the child’s global needs in his perfect sensorimotor development.

STICKS AND SCARFS – click the image to enlarge 

Release accumulated energies, typical of any age, leading the aggressiveness to a playful environment through play and supervised struggle, are other merits that after 30 years of existence the sticks offer to the psychomotor professional.
Sticks made of a polyester fabric of various colours, ideal for symbolic and creative activities.


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