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  • Psychomotricity activity as a solution of childhood obesity (click to read)
  • How to set up a psychomotricity room (click to read).
  • Benefits of Climbing walls (click to read).
  • Brachiation ladders: Benefits and how to use them? (click to read).
  • Technical help for handicapped people (especially for cerebral palsy) (click to read).
  • What is the use of child psychomotricity? (click to read).
  • Equipments for Early Stimulation rooms and their relationship with brain plasticity (click to read).
  • Benefits of natural psychomotricity (click to read).
  • How to set up a psychomotor room at home? (click to read).
  • Unknown pleasures of psychomotor skills (click to read).
  • Mats for psychomotricity, occupational therapy, early stimulation rooms and gymnastics (click to read).
  • How to perform psychomotor activities at home (click to read).



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